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August 31, 2019

ClickBank University

Clickbank University 2.0 Review: Is it Worth The Price?

Clickbank University is a training center and community on how to create your own info products to sell online.
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The main training center focuses on product creation, which is different from most other “make money” systems that I review. Product creation can be a very lucrative online business if you create a high quality product(s) and can drive traffic to your site. (They did add an affiliate section, which I'm going to cover below. )

You can make even more money if you have a good email sequence for email marketing, and even MORE money if you have good incentives for affiliates to start doing the selling for you.

I didn't watch all the videos available to me, but the ones I saw were very candid, high quality, and provided real insight into how online marketing works. I saw a few about how to think of a product to sell, how to drive traffic to your website, and the basics of how affiliate marketing works on Clickbank.

There is a ton of info to read, so if you join Clickbank University, you'll have plenty to keep you busy. Beginners will definitely benefit from training, as well as low-intermediate to intermediate level online marketers. I think if you have experience and have just not found luck with your previous campaigns, you might find the info pretty standard, and might only benefit from later training modules (which I was unable to view)

1. Lots of High Quality Lessons

There are weeks and weeks of lessons within CBU. They are a combination of face-to-face video, plus over the shoulder video. There's also a downloadable written portion (green arrow in the image below) where you can see basic highlights from the video portion. Though I love video, written stuff is easier to review. No need to watch a 20 minute video again to just get a refresher!

2. Website Builder (Builder 2.0)

Originally I was against the Website Builder because I assumed it was just another CMS like WordPress. Too bad they really didn't make it clear in the main sales video. I skipped all the upsell junk because I really hate the upsell process that most companies force us through. However, after investigating it a bit, I think it could be beneficial for product creators. Having a pre-set funnel strategy and landing page builder could help some newbies stay on track.

It can even help you build your membership area, and other aspects of your business using a cookie-cutter style program. That will save you a lot of time, especially as a newbie!

This is a way to help you create a website for your own product that essentially integrates with Clickbank to make selling this product easier. I think this is a cool idea, and for folks looking to create their own digital product, this would be a worthwhile investment. But remember, you're now paying $47/month for CBU members area ($564 per year), PLUS $594 for the builder. Your yearly cost of business operation just jumped to over $1,000. Also, remember that this might lock your site into their builder, so if you decide to change to outside hosting at some point, I'm not sure how that process goes.

If you are serious about creating and selling your own digital products online, you need to prepare yourself for such an investment. It's still a million times cheaper than a brick and mortar business, but not as cheap as being an affiliate.

3. More Active Community!

When I first reviewed Clickbank University, I was very critical of their support system and community. Many questions were unanswered, and emails were not responded it. It was a ghost town. However, 3 years later, it looks like things have picked up a bit.

It's still not a thriving community of instant answers and fixes to problems, but it's greatly improved. You can see from screenshots below that there are new questions posted almost daily, and that there are several answers per thread. Some people respond in quite a lot of detail. Experienced members are helping newbies, and people are exchanging information to help improve each others' businesses. Awesome!

4. Weekly Q&A Webinars

Now, included with your membership, are weekly webinars for asking questions. I am going to attend one this week to see how it goes, and report back when I have more information.

5. YouTube Ads Crash Course + Copywriting Course

This is another portion of the training that will teach you how to market your product and/or website with YouTube ads. On top of that, there's a short guide for learning how to write ad copy. These are not extensive, but they are included in your “library”, and can help you get traffic to your landing page.

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