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Online Pokies Are So Much More Fun Than Old-School Pokies

We all know that pokies, in their physical form, were invented back in the day and folks have been pulling on that lever for decades. True, it’s hard to compete with the excitement (and very loud noise!) of mechanical reels turning and the extra workout you get from a long session of playing. But we all have to move on – it’s the digital age people!

That brings us straight to online pokies. Invention of the (last) century? Well, you’ll be the judge of that. Online pokie-ing can be so much fun. First, you got your tons of cool graphics and effects. Back in the day, folks got dizzy just from looking at a lemon after lemon, cherry-duo after cherry-duo. Anyway, too much fructose is not good for you.

Let’s look at a few points that make online pokies superior, in our mind to least, to their mechanical cousins:


So Much To Choose From

Look at online pokie sites – they are like candy stores, or, if you are a male over the age of 35, like hardware stores. You’ve got dozens, sometimes hundreds of different pokies to choose from. You’ll never get bored. After a while, you won’t be able to imagine playing a single machine over and over again. What are you? Your grandpa?

Online Pokies Are Everywhere

Don’t be alarmed. This headline wasn’t made to scare you. Online pokies aren’t really everywhere, just “online everywhere”. You got your mobile phone, you got your tablet, you got your computer – that’s what we mean when we say everywhere. Now add to that Anytime.

Online Pokies Can Set You Free

Each man, and woman, to their own choice of pokie attire. You know, you just know, that your lucky pokie outfit is a pink bathrobe, one cowboy boot, a wizard’s tall-hat, and… well, let’s not discuss your undergarments preferences. You can do that with online pokies! Now try entering a casino dressed like that.


Be a Pokie Misanthrope If You Wish

You love the game, but sometimes you just don’t feel like being in a crowd. You remember that time when that annoying foreigner sat next to you and just couldn’t stop babbling about this and that – you just wished he was gone. Problem solved! Online pokie equals complete privacy.

No Downloading

Hmmm… obviously you don’t need to download brick-and-mortar pokie machine. We admit, there is a glitch in our reasoning here, this isn’t an advantage of online pokie compared to a mechanical one, but we just really wanted to say it – you don’t need to download anything! You can play right in your browser. Simple as pie.

So, are you convinced? Because we definitely are. See in you in PrimeSlots, where all pokies are online.


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